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Saturday, March 29, 2008



Neconism is an attitude latent in each one of us, and not a group or certain people.

Every group, religious or otherwise is composed of the good, bad and the ugly; we can further classify them into pacifist, peacemakers, saints, fundamentalist, conservatives, liberals, terrorists, extremists, fanatics, good people and every possible category.

Bad apples are part of the mix you get; you’ll find them in Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and all other religions. They are part of every possible mix from the board room, to City council, to executive committees, religious meetings, social meetings, cultural meeting... bad apples are going to be there, it is a part of the whole.

Neocons are people who act and talk contrary to the very belief they claim to espouse. It is their way or no way. Their attitudes are shaped by the fear that their life is at risk if others exist, if they can, they would wipe every one off from the face of the earth who ever differs from them. They manufacture imaginary enemies as Samuel Hunington had crafted the myth of Clash of Civilizations. They are intolerant and an insecure group of men. They trust their Gun power but invoke God in vain, they do not have an appetite for dialogue, they are afraid to listen to another point of view. They are chaotic and desperate souls.

Neocons are mindless butchers. They chop up God into bits and pieces, and their bit of God is supreme to other pieces. They are a bunch of "me, me and me" babies and everthing is for them and not for others to have.

They pretend that God is on their side, and has exclusively given them the permission or at to dominate, control, monopolize and influence the resources that God has created for the benefit of his creation. They know what is good for others, they want to have it all. And finally, the Neocons do not value other people's life.

The Neocon variety exists in every group;

1. They are among Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and others.
2. They are in business of maligning other groups for their gains.
3. They live in hallucinations that their group is right and others are wrong.
4. They tell a bold face lie to the public at large like the WMD's.
5. They are in it for money, but pretent to save their community.
6. They frighten the crap out of you with their cooked up stories and documentaries
7. Their only interest is them and monies funneling to them.

The imaginary societal make up every imaginable group including Atheists;

95.00% Moderates - they mind their own business and have no problems with others
02.40% Liberals - they stretch the limits of the traditions
00.10% Ultra Liberals - Me, me an me - no rules
02.40% Conservatives - They want to hang on to the traditions
00.10% Neocons - Me, me, and me - everyone is wrong, I am right, my way or no way.
100.0% Total

I will continue to break this down into further orientations. If I get the time to do a survey research, I will do it, but Gallup or some one can pick this and do the work to prove or disprove this or find the numbers. These are merely my guesstimates.

Offensive and Mis-representative phrases;

Neocon is a word I will be using to describe the extremists in every group;

Islamist V. Islam

Islamist is a small band of individuals who fit the description of Neocons above. They do not follow their own religion, yet claim to own it. Where as Islam is a religion, like all other religions and it fits the description of religion above. Make no mistake about it; the Islamists unabashedly violate the very principles of Islam they claim to protect.

Islamist no more; they will be called Neocon-Muslims.

Hindutva V. Hinduism

Hindutva is a political group driven by a few individuals, who fit the description of Neocons above. Where as Hinduism is a religion of co-existence, like all other religions and fits the description of religion above. Make no mistake about it; the Hindutva forces unabashedly violate the very principles of Hinduism they claim to protect.

Hindutva no more; they will be called Neocon-Hindus.

Necons V. Christianity

Neocons are defined above. Christianity is the religion of love and none of the Neocons who unashamedly wear the label of religion follow the teachings of Christ. Make no mistake about it; the Neocon forces unabashedly violate the very principles Jesus taught, they claim to protect.

Neocons no more; they will be called Necon-Christians.

Zionism V. Judaism

Zionism in its simplest form is the desire of the Jews in diaspora to live in their home land, indeed, that is the desire of most people; to be at home where they feel secure. Zionism encapsulates the dream of the Jewish people to have a homeland; it is an idea of life for the people. The Word Zionism conjures up different images to different people, we have to accept that bad elements are in every group, whether Zionism, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism or others, we cannot brand the whole group for the acts of few, this amounts to stereotyping and it is wholesale prejudice.

Islamist is a bad word to lump all Muslims, or Hindutva is a bad word to lump all Hindus, we cannot lump all Zionists as a bad people for the acts of a few. As a Muslim and as a Pluralist, I will do my part to keep people from stereotyping others, however, we all (people of all faiths) need to join and do a combined education. No Muslim should smile when some one is bashing Judaism, no Jew should gloat if some one is bashing Muslims, or Hinduism or Christianity, that is downright stupid and not religious at all.

The word Zionism word will be used to describe the dreams of Jewish people and to describe the extremists among them, we have the right word; Neocon Jews.

Zionist no more; they will be called Neocon- Jews or Neocon-Zionists

Some of these Necons gang up to be against their perceived common enemy, frienships should be based on the good things they can do together.



    The Neocon Muslim are too insecure to accept and absorb the freedom Islam offers, instead they eagerly throw the noose and frighten you every time with Sharia rules; Islam is not about frightening, it is about creating a world of co-existence with justice resulting in peace. It is time we the moderate majority speak up.


    God is not going to step in and take sides nor has God signed a deal with me or a Neocon to claim exclusive ownership of God and goodness.

    The above is not going to be acceptable to the Neocons Muslims, Christians, Jews or Hindus, their mind set is; the other has to be wrong for me to be right.

    However, the majorities from the same groups are secure in their faith and acknowledge the right of other individuals to believe in their faith, without losing an ounce of their own faith. The Neocons simply cannot do that, they are too insecure.

  3. Approximately 1/10th of 1% of Muslims are intolerant people and that translate to about 80 in Dallas, and roughly 40 among Jews. In case of Dallas we may have to decimate that number, as we do not have that many intolerant people, but the few are indeed potent.

    Neocons are right wingers, the ones who have night mares and live in constant fear that others are gunning them and will annihilate their way of life. They are fraction of the population of Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Christians or others. Neocons are amongst us and part of us and ironically, they speak the same language. I have saved 250 words used by the four groups; they are identical words in different combinations.

  4. I am a Christian that lives in Dallas. Not sure if I am a 'right-winger.' As a result I am not afraid of dying or anybody wanting to gun me down. When it comes to God, I know who has my 'back' and I know where I'm going if someone wants to kill me...Heaven.

    By the way, fear comes from Satan and you are 'ate up' with it. Don't you know that you are living with Satan?

  5. The Neocons are afraid of the world and live in an eternal paranoia that every one is out to gun them and are obsessed with outgunning others, the Neocons come in every faith, they are Jewish, Muslim, Christians and Hindus.

  6. ...All organized religions should be abolished from the face of this Earth, plain & simple.
    Praise be the philosophy of one's own self; everything else is just a bunch of fantasy woo-woo in support of utter wooism that leads to the same path of nothingness. At best, one must emancipate and diversify in thought, action, and spirit...