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Friday, March 14, 2008

Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson is in my prayers, and I pray that God fill his heart with love and kindness for humanity and remove the arrogance and hate in him and bring peace to him, so he understand the message of Jesus and live and let live a peaceful life.

If Pat Robertson were to live in a lawless country, would he play out the acts of Bin Laden? He had called for Assasination of the leaders of other nations. When Ariel Sharon was bed-ridden with sicknes, Pat calls that God is getting even with him for wanting to square with the West bank issue with the Palestinians.

May God bless him with love


"It is interesting, that termites don't build things, and the great builders of our nation almost to a man have been Christians, because Christians have the desire to build something. He is motivated by love of man and God, so he builds. The people who have come into [our] institutions [today] are primarily termites. They are into destroying institutions that have been built by Christians, whether it is universities, governments, our own traditions, that we have.... The termites are in charge now, and that is not the way it ought to be, and the time has arrived for a godly fumigation."
--Pat Robertson, New York Magazine, August 18, 1986

"When I said during my presidential bid that I would only bring Christians and Jews into the government, I hit a firestorm. `What do you mean?' the media challenged me. `You're not going to bring atheists into the government? How dare you maintain that those who believe in the Judeo-Christian values are better qualified to govern America than Hindus and Muslims?' My simple answer is, `Yes, they are.'"
--Pat Robertson, "The New World Order," page 218

"[The] feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians."
--Pat Robertson, fundraising letter, 1992

"The Constitution of the United States, for instance, is a marvelous document for self-government by Christian people. But the minute you turn the document into the hands of non-Christian and atheistic people they can use it to destroy the very foundation of our society."
--Pat Robertson, The 700 Club, Dec. 30, 1981

"You say you're supposed to be nice to the Episcopalians and the Presbyterians and the Methodists and this, that, and the other thing. Nonsense. I don't have to be nice to the spirit of the Antichrist."
--Pat Robertson, The 700 Club, January 14, 1991

"Just like what Nazi Germany did to the Jews, so liberal America is now doing to the evangelical Christians. It's no different. It is the same thing. It is happening all over again. It is the Democratic Congress, the liberal-based media and the homosexuals who want to destroy the Christians. Wholesale abuse and discrimination and the worst bigotry directed toward any group in America today. More terrible than anything suffered by any minority in history."
--Pat Robertson in a 1993 interview with Molly Ivins

[On apartheid in South Africa]
"I think 'one man, one vote,' just unrestricted democracy, would not be wise. There needs to be some kind of protection for the minority which the white people represent now, a minority, and they need and have a right to demand a protection of their rights."
--Pat Robertson, "The 700 Club," 3/18/92

"They have kept us in submission because they have talked about separation of church and state. There is no such thing in the Constitution. It's a lie of the Left, and we're not going to take it anymore."
--Pat Robertson, address to American Center for Law & Justice

"That [separation of church and state] was never in the Constitution, however much the liberals laugh at me for saying it, they know good and well it was never in the Constitution! Such language only appeared in the constitution of the communist Soviet Union"
--Pat Robertson, The 700 Club, Jan. 22, 1995

"Many of those people involved with Adolph Hitler were Satanists, many of them were homosexuals--the two things seem to go together."
--Pat Robertson, "The 700 Club," 1/21/93

"It is the Democratic Congress, the liberal-biased media and the homosexuals who want to destroy all Christians" --Pat Robertson, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Sept. 14, 1993

"I have known few homosexuals who did not practice their tendencies. Such people are sinning against God and will lead to the ultimate destruction of the family and our nation. I am unalterably opposed to such things, and will do everything I can to restrict the freedom of these people to spread their contagious infection to the youth of this nation."
--Pat Robertson

"Modern experience has shown that usury inevitably leads to subservience. And God did not want that for his people but rather intend for them to rule...
He directed that every fifty years that all debt would be cancelled, all property be redistributed, and the cycle begin again... Not withstanding the sneers of many in the banking community, it may be that God's way is the only one open to us - a year of jubillee to straighten us out."
--Pat Robertson, The Secret Kingdom, 1992

"There will never be world peace until God's house and God's people are given their rightful place of leadership at the top of the world. How can there be peace when drunkards, drug dealers, communists, atheists, New Age worshipers of Satan, secular humanists, oppressive dictators, greedy moneychangers, revolutionary assassins, adulterers, and homosexuals are on top?"
--Pat Robertson, "The New World Order", 1991, P. 227

"In the 1990s and beyond, the battle is not going to be fought much longer between Christianity and atheistic humanism, but between Christianity and satanic-inspired Eastern religions."
--Pat Robertson, The Secret Kingdom, 1992

"I believe that he [Jesus] is Lord of the government, and the church, and business and education, and, hopefully, one day, Lord of the press. I see him involved in everything. And that's why I don't want to stay just in the church, as such. I want the church to move into the world."
--Pat Robertson

"The strategy aginst the American radical left should be the same as General Douglas MacArthur employed against the Japanese in the Pacific... bypass their strongholds, then surround them, isolate them bombard them, then blast the individuals out of their power bunkers with hand-to-hand combat. The battle for Iwo Jima was not pleasant, but our troops won it. The battle to regain the soul of America won't be pleasant either, but we will win it."
--Pat Robertson, in "Pat Robertson's Perspective," April-May 1992

"I've heard all this stuff about little Jewish kids being marred by having to say a prayer in Jesus' name. That's all you hear when you're with the liberals, the ACLU. `Well, think about a little Jewish child, you have no idea what went on in their mind.' But listen, we don't hear the liberals talking about what happened to Christian little children."
--Pat Robertson

"I know this is painful for the ladies to hear, but if you get married, you have accepted the headship of a man, your husband. Christ is the head of the household and the husband is the head of the wife, and that's the way it is, period."
--Pat Robertson, newsletter as quoted by Federal News Service, Sept. 11, 1992

"Why are so many marriages falling apart? Why is the divorce rate so high? ...Why is there such a tragedy in marriage?...Now the basic answer to the basic problem of marriages today is a question of leadership. The wife actually makes the husband the head of the household and she looks to him and she says 'now you pray, and I'm going to pray for you that the Lord will speak to you."
--Pat Robertson, The 700 Club, May 22, 1986

"The key in terms of mental ability is chess. There's never been a woman Grand Master chess player. Once you get one, then I'll buy some of the feminism..."
--Pat Robertson
[NOTE: According to the Chess Federation of the U.S. there were already two women Grand Masters at that time, both from Georgia. Since Robertson's gaffe, three more women became Grand Masters]

"The mission of the Christian Coalition is simple, to mobilize Christians-- one precinct at a time, one community at a time -- until once again we are the head and not the tail, and at the top rather than the bottom of our political system....the Christian Coalition will be the most powerful political force in America by the end of this decade.. We have enough votes to run this country... and when the people say, 'We've had enough,' we're going to take over!"
--Pat Robertson

"Popular television is flooded with filth and violence; MTV, VH-1, and pop radio stations are sewers of obscenity, rebellion and violence; pop magazines promote the vilest forms of pornography and a form of materialism, selfishness, and greed that has fallen to the lowest levels in human history."
--Pat Robertson, "The New World Order"

"The courts are merely a ruse, if you will, for humanist, atheistic educators to beat up on Christians."
--Pat Robertson, The 700 Club, Oct. 2,1990

"I am bound by the laws of the United States and all 50 states...I am not bound by any case or any court to which I myself am not a party... I don't think the Congress of the United States is subserviant to the courts...They can ignore a Supreme Court ruling if they so choose."
--Pat Robertson, interview with The Washington Post editorial board, June 27,1986

"Communism was the brain-child of German-Jewish intellectuals."
--Pat Robertson, in The New World Order, (1991), p.17

[When asked "Does the Bible specifically tell us what is going to happen in the future"]
"It sure does, Ben, it definitely does...this is definite...it specifically clearly, unequivocally says that Russia and other countries will enter into war and God will destroy Russia through earthquakes, volcanoes..."
--Pat Robertson when asked the question "700 Club" December 2, 1981

"The wars of extermination have given a lot of people trouble unless they know what was going on. The people in the land of Palestine were very wicked. They were given over to idolatry; they sacrificed their children; they had all kinds of abominable sex practices; they were having sex, apparently, with animals; they were having sex men with men, and women with women; they were committing adultery, fornication; they were worshipping idols, offering their children up; and they were forsaking God.
"God told the Israelites to kill them all -- men, women and children, to destroy them. And that seems to be a terrible thing to do. Is it? Or isn't it?"
"Well, let us assume there were 2,000 of them, or 10,000 of them living in the land, or whatever number there was of them. I don't have the exact number. Pick a number. God said, 'Kill them all.'
"Well, that would seem hard, wouldn't it? That would be 10,000 people who would probably go to Hell. But, if they stayed and reproduced, in 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 or 100 more years, they could conceivably be -- 10,000 would go to a 100,000 -- 100,000 could conceivably go to a million. And then, there would be a million people who would have to spend eternity in Hell! And it's far more merciful to take away a few than to see in the future a 100 years down the road, and say, 'Well, I have to take away a million people that would forever be apart from God, ' because the abomination was there like a contagium. God saw that there was no cure for it. It wasn't going to change; their hearts weren't going to change; and all they would do is cause trouble for the Israelites, and pull the Israelites away from God, and prevent the truth of God from reaching the Earth."
"So, God, in love, took away a small number that he might not have to take away a large number."
--Pat Robertson, "The 700 Club" May 6, 1985

"The public education movement has also been an anti-Christian movement... We can change education in America if you put Christian principles in and Christian pedagogy in. In three years, you would totally revolutionize education in America."
--Pat Robertson,"The 700 Club," September 27, 1993

"You see what happened in 1962. They took prayer out of the schools. The next year the Supreme Court ordered Bible reading taken from the schools. And then progressing, liberals, most of them atheistic educators, have pushed to remove all religion from the lives of children...The people who wrote the "Humanist Manifesto" and their pupils and their disciples are in charge of education in America today."
--Pat Robertson, "The 700 Club," January 13, 1995

"If anybody understood what Hindus really believe, there would be no doubt that they have no business administering government policies in a country that favors freedom and equality.... Can you imagine having the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini as defense minister, or Mahatma Gandhi as minister of health, education, and welfare? The Hindu and Buddhist idea of karma and the Muslim idea of kismet, or fate condemn the poor and the disabled to their suffering. ... It's the will of Allah. These beliefs are nothing but abject fatalism, and they would devastate the social gains this nation has made if they were ever put into practice."
--Pat Robertson's "The New World Order," page 219

[On Planned Parenthood]
"It is teaching kids to fornicate, teaching people to have adultery, every kind of bestiality, homosexuality, lesbianism-everything that the Bible condemns."
--Pat Robertson, "The 700 Club," 4/9/91

"We want...as soon as possible to see a majority of the Republican Party in the hands of pro-family Christians by 1996."
--Pat Robertson, Denver Post, 10/26/92

[On the Mars Pathfinder and extarterrestrial life]
"The Bible says the Earth belongs to man, but the heavens belong to the Lord,"
"He has given us the Earth. He also warned, way back when Moses was writing down not only what is the Ten Commandments, but Deuteronomy, which is almost the Second Law."
"Here is what he said to the children of Israel about this whole matter:
"'If there is found among you, within any of your gates which the Lord your God gives you, a man or a woman who has been wicked in the sight of the Lord your God, in transgressing His covenant, who has gone and served other gods and worshipped them, either the sun or moon or any of the hosts of heaven which I have not commanded you, and you hear of it, then you shall inquire diligently. And if it is indeed true and certain that such an abomination has been committed in Israel, then you shall bring out to your gates that man or woman who has committed that wicked thing, and stone to death that man or woman with stones.'" (Deuteronomy 17:2-5, NKJV)
"Now, that’s what Moses said to the children of Israel about those who worship the sun and the moon and the hosts of heaven, because these things, at best, are lifeless nothings, or, if they are intelligent, they’re demonic. And, yes, there is a host of h eaven. There are angels and there are fallen angels. There is no question about it."
"Can a demon appear as a slanty-eyed, funny-looking creature? Of course he can, or it can. Of course they can deceive people. And if they can lead somebody away from the true God, or away from Jesus Christ, anyway it happens, it doesn’t matter, you will l ose your salvation. It doesn’t matter how they get you. The question is, did they get you, and under what guise?"
"This is man in rebellion against God, who refuses to take God’s Law. And God says, 'My covenant says you won’t do this. And if I find anybody in Israel,' -- which is his pure nation -- 'If I find anybody in Israel that’s doing this sort of thing, then I want you to take him out and dispose of him.'
"It’s a clear violation of God’s word."
--Pat Robertson, "The 700 Club", July 8, 1997

"To see Americans become followers of, quote, Islam, is nothing short of insanity. Terry, you know, I've been in Africa many, many, many, many times, and you see people over here learning Swahili, for example. Swahili was the language of the slave traders. The Islamic people, the Arabs, were the ones who captured Africans, put them in slavery, and sent them to America as slaves. Why would people in America want to embrace the religion of the slavers, and the language of the slavers?"
--Pat Robertson, "The 700 Club," Oct 27, 1997

[Addressed to the husband of one of her victims]
"I want to comment about this Mr. Thornton. I faced him in the "Larry King Live" show on CNN. He has become a public figure condemning Karla [Faye Tucker] Brown. But I want to ask Mr. Thornton, publicly on this national television program, number one, sir, why was your wife in bed with another man in a motel room in Texas on the night of the killing. And number two, rumors have come to us -- these are unconfirmed but have some validity -- that you were not only estranged from her, you, quote, threw her out of the house and when she called back and talked to her son and said 'I want to come home,' you refused to let her do it. Now before you condemn Karla Faye anymore on national television, I think you owe the American people a full disclosure of your activity on the day of your wife's killing. And could it be possible, that if you had not been so unyielding and harsh toward her that day, your wife would not have been in harm's way and would not have been murdered? And are you really angry at Karla Faye Tucker, or are you angry at yourself? Now these are questions I think the American people need to ask of Mr. Thornton, who's become so public in his denunciation of Karla Faye Tucker."
--Pat Robertson, "The 700 Club," Feb 4, 1998

[On Gay Day at Disney World]
"I would warn Orlando that you're right in the way of some serious hurricanes and I don't think I'd be waving those flags in God's face if I were you, This is not a message of hate; this is a message of redemption. But a condition like this will bring about the destruction of your nation. It'll bring about terrorist bombs; it'll bring earthquakes, tornadoes and possibly a meteor."
--Pat Robertson, "The 700 Club" June 6, 1998

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