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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Arlington Library bans hate group

Arlington Library bans hate group

Kudos to the management of Arlington Libraray for putting a stop on hate mongering, enough of that has ruined our economy and our morality. The poor suckers who open their check books and get robbed by the O'Briens would really appreciate it.

The Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Jewish Neocons** are an insecure bunch people on the earth, they are frightened at every sneeze one releases. They cook up imaginary enemies, and their solution to the problems is bombing and annihilating the ones who disagree with them, that is what the previous men in the white house did; if you don't like some one, eliminate them. None of them are capable of a dialogue.

I would challenge Ms. Dorrie O’Brien to a dialogue with any intelligent person with a condition to present facts. Is she capable of sitting up in public with Jamal Qaddura or me and answer the questions? I hope so. The Neocons have their own audience who is too eager to be frightened and open the check books for their presumed saviors. How long will they be duping that group of Americans, a tiny but money loaded minority that is shrinking by the day. Even Rush cannot dupe them any more.

I am a Republican and not ashamed of my party’s ideals, but certainly embarrassed by its leadership - Is there one among McCain, Bush, Cheney, Palin, Romney, Giuliani, Gingrich and the bunch who is capable of talking peace and co-existence? These men and women are a fool proof guaranty for the Democrats to win in 2010, perhaps another landslide victory.

The Republican Neocons don't understand the polls and they are not in tune with the American public that wants to get along with every one, have jobs, and not be robbed by the corrupt politicians who blow billions of dollars on destruction and genocides and cause deficit and misery to American families, the Americans want peace and prosperity, not WARS and HATE.

Less than 1% of any group, religious or otherwise subscribe to the Neocon ideology, who are bent on killing and annihilating in the name of God, as though God has signed them up to represent him.

Furthermore, the Neocons are devoid of any intelligence and keep parroting their hallucinations; WMD's, Islamic Jihad, Islamic terrorism and what not?

For the sake of our democracy, and to ensure checks and balances, the Republicans need a majority at least in the Senate to knock off the possible arrogance of one party government. Bush had a majority and he ran one of the most irresponsible governments ever -with reckless spending in Iraq and Afghanistan that has cause untold misery to the average American.

May God instill some critical thinking in Neocon Republican minds. They are a mirror image of the Neocon Muslims like Bin Laden. Both believe in destroying each other and as long as they have those attitudes, they are messing up the lives of Americans. It is time we speak out against these rascals.

As Americans, thank God we were first saved on November 2006 and again God pulled us out of the Republican arrogance in November 2008, and now it is time to clean the Republican Party from these hate mongers.

I urge the wealthy Americans not to shell a penny to any one who is bent on spewing hate towards any American; they are making a fool out of you to get you to write them a check.

The idea of security is simple – if you as an individual or a nation threaten others, you are guaranteed to be reciprocated. You build sustainable security for America by seeking peace and not threatening others. Every threat will be matched by a significant or a miniscule threat, then why do such a dumb thing and bring untold misery to Americans.

Republicans; you had better wake up and get rid of all your current leadership, they frighten the American Public, and we do not want another disaster. You get your money by frightening others, but the Average American does not have any to frighten, get the money and put the food on his/her table. They are pissed off at you losers. (Comments by Republicans about the party are in the comment section below)

Mike Ghouse is a thinker, writer speaker and an activist of pluralism, interfaith, co-existence, peace, Islam and India. He is a frequent guest at the TV, radio and print media offering pluralistic solutions to issues of the day. His websites and Blogs are listed on http://www.mikeghouse.net/

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Arlington library bans group, says meeting content not at issue

A local chapter of a group focused on fighting "the assault of radical Islam" has been permanently barred from holding any more meetings at the Arlington Public Library.

The Grand Prairie chapter of ACT! for America had its meeting privileges revoked this month because the group broke two guidelines of the library’s meeting room usage policy, Arlington Library Director Cary Siegfried said.

The group, led by Dorrie O’Brien of Grand Prairie, had been meeting at the library since last year, Siegfried said. The Arlington Public Library offers its meeting room for free.

In an e-mail to Siegfried, O’Brien said the library was playing "into the hands of America’s enemies" and was just citing the rule violations as an excuse.

"I imagine there’s been a lot of pressure put on you to kick me out of the library by the people who want to stop me and others like me from getting the actual word out about Islam," O’Brien wrote.

Siegfried insisted that the content of the meetings had nothing to do with her decision.

"They didn’t follow the rules; that’s all there is to it," Siegfried said.

Siegfried said she warned ACT! for America this year after the library received a complaint that the group’s meetings were not fully open to the public and that group leaders were soliciting funds at the meeting, both violations of the library’s policy.

Abir Chatila, principal at Al-Hedayah Academy in Fort Worth, said she filed the complaint after O’Brien asked her where she was born and how she had heard about the meeting before ultimately allowing her to attend. Chatila said she wanted to attend the meeting because she was concerned that anti-Muslim rhetoric was being spread at the library.

"I was very upset by the fact that I had to justify who I was and where I was born to get into this meeting," Chatila said.

Siegfried sent a library staffer to attend the group’s June meeting to ensure that the group was adhering to the rules, she said.

The staffer saw a group leader soliciting funds and another attendee selling books and tapes. That prompted a permanent suspension of the group’s meeting privileges, she said.

For months, O’Brien’s rhetoric has angered local members of the Muslim community, with many saying she was promoting hate speech. In May, O’Brien and Tarrant County Medical Examiner Nizam Peerwani, a Muslim, gave opposing presentations to the North Tarrant Republican Club about the intentions of Muslims in America.

William Sandlin Jr. of Arlington, a member of ACT! for America, said the group met this month at a private facility and about 70 people attended. He said group members are angry about how Arlington handled the incident.

"I was very disappointed that they took that tack, since I paid taxes in Arlington since 1969 and they allowed the believers in Islam to negate this lady’s right to meet there," Sandlin said.

In an e-mailed response to the Star-Telegram, O’Brien said she has put the incident with the library behind her.

"I was originally disappointed that the library superintendent determined she would cancel both of ACT!’s future appearances at the library, but that’s ancient history to me now," O’Brien wrote. "ACT! moved on and is stronger and better for it."

Several local Muslims said they were pleased to see the group barred from using a public facility.
"This hate speech should not be allowed in a public library," said Jamal Qaddura, president of the DFW Islamic Education Center in Arlington.

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