HOME :::: f your place of worship facilitates speakers who inculcate ill-will towards fellow beings, please speak up, it is a place to seek peace and not ill-will. Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, Temples have all inadvertently allowed such men to speak. Save sanctity of the place.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


If you cannot distinguish between Islamist and Islam, Neocons and Christians, Rightwing Zionists and Judaism, Hindutva and Hinduism, this site is not for you. Don't waste your time.

The good news is that the drivers of such hate are just a few that we can actually list, they are less than 1000th of 1%, unless we speak up they will mess up their own and every one's lives. Let's resist the temptation to be hateful towards the hate mongers, but we should work on creating an iclusive society which is good for every one.

If you see the critique or condemnation of individuals, it is not about you or your religion because of your common religious affiliation with the accused, but him and rarely her, the individual. If the shoe fits you, you do not need to read this site.

We hope to do our share of urging the hate mongers, to find solutions through a dialogue and not hate to understand and not wage a campaign of hate.

As a Pluralist, I challenge every religious leader to do the research, not their own, but other's religious books and declare that no holy book, or God's words preaches hate, malice or ill-will towards the other. Not one book. It’s a big challenge to the people of religion. God is about love and harmony for his/her or its creation and not preference or favors to one over the other. Not one can claim that God has signed a deal with them behind other's back.

This site is for reflection and not incitement, if your aptitude is not solution but anger, this site is not for you, that is not our intent.


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  1. Reality is, man is evil and it is in his heart to hate. No society has ever lived without conflict, and as much as I hate to admit it, this website will not produce peace either. God is peace, without Him there is no peace, so pray He comes soon!