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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Purpose of this Blog

The purpose of this blog is to make ourselves aware of those who peddle hate for a buck. They don't care if you are an American, Israeli, Iranian, Arab, Indian or Mexican or even a Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Mormon or a Buddhist... their God is money! 

The irony is only a few religious people hammer hate from their pulpit such as Pat Robertson, John Hagee, late Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham Jr, Robert Jeffress, Rod Parsley and a few Rabbis, Imams and Pundits, but the bulk of them are men and women who have fake defending religion, but made that very religion a source of their livelihood.  

These men are born to sell hate for cash, and as long as there are suckers out there, these parasites grow and enrich themselves and probably laugh at the nincompoops for falling prey to them. Every talk they give, every article they write, every website they own screams out loud for monies.  One should give money if their money is used to mitigate conflicts and nurture goodwill but none of them has a record of it.

We need to avoid falling in to the pit of hate and resist the temptations to stereotype any one, as it leads to hate and consequences that are not healthy for a society.

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  1. I thought this website was to expose hate, not peddle it. What do you think your comments are, it not hate? Who are you to pass judgement on men and women who disagree with what you believe to be right! Funny how we see hate in others and fail to see it within ourselves.

  2. I prove my point, you promote hate because you only post what you feel is appropriate. If others don't agree with you are they haters!

  3. Every comment will be posted, just as yours and you have chosen to be nameless

  4. Several of the names you mention in this article as well as on your list of "troublemakers" are passionate about their message, but don't strike me as hate promoters. I can't say I am a regular follower of any of them but the little I HAVE heard from them is about as much as I have heard from the likes of Louis Farakhan who I would classify as a promoter of hate. Why isn't he on your "troublemakers" list?
    Signed (Since I don't qualify for any of the profile options listed),